Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yesterday there was an exciting "cover reveal" for a series of three young adult covers I worked on. Holly Black's "The Curse Workers" is an awesome 3-book series that has gone through a couple of different cover looks. This latest one was started by my Creative Director and another Art Director here, and then I took over in the middle of the first one (Black Heart was the first, we worked backwards). Since I didn't come up with them from the very start, I had a different perspective on them than I normally do—like I was honoring someone elses initial vision (a vision I loved!), so I enjoyed working on these more than usual, and am thrilled with how they came out.
The final jackets will be printed with a Pantone color, a fluorescent (yellow for "CAT", orange for "GLOVE" and magenta for "HEART") so they'll really glow. Can't wait to see them all, and they will soon all be available here!

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