Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cronus Chronicles

I re-packaged a series of 3 middle grade novels by Ann Ursu. I needed to brand the series, and update the look of them for today's marketplace. Here's where they were:

To get started, I hired a great logo designer, Craig Howell, who nearly got it right on his first draft. Here's a bit of our process...
Craig got the notes perfectly and delivered a close-to final for his 2nd draft:
In the midst of this, I got talented illustrator and Art Center chum Frank Stockton started on the cover art. We needed action, adventure, cool and colorful. His first draft was a triptych approach, which we loved, but it soon became clear it wouldn't work with Craig's logo. Here's some of Frank's process.

First sketches...
Revised sketches, incorporating the rough logo...

And then the final where it all came together...


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