Thursday, December 8, 2011


From time to time I am asked to design an invitation for a friend, and I'm always flattered to do so. In creating invites for them, I found that I knew them so well, the aesthetic came rather quickly and easily, which is nice. And none of them were bridezillas about the thing either.

Jenny is my oldest friend, and for her invitation she wanted to sample art from her late Aunt Kaye, a wonderfully talented artist. Jenny gave me a photo of a cut-paper collage that Kay had done of a sort of jungle/animal scene. I pulled sections out of that piece, re-drew them and used them for her save the date and invitation. She letter-pressed the invites (hence the one-color):
Savannah and Jon are dear friends who got married just outside of Savannah (AND she's from Savannah!) and they wanted a southern feel to their invite. They were married in Bluffton and the trees there are DRIPPING with Spanish moss, so Savannah sent a photo of that for inspiration to use on all her printed materials.

We did the save the date so it could fit into a No. 10 envelope. I love the shape of it.
They letter-pressed their invites, too, both sides:

And then we made table cards, each named after an inter-coastal waterway. (It's difficult to see on these smaller versions, but I "carved" their initials into the trunk of the tree.)
When Julie and Evan married, she wanted something very simple and sophisticated, and she wanted it to feature these dogwood berries. She gave me a stick of them and asked if I'd draw them. We ended up using them on the RSVP and invite cards.
Logically, next came some baby shower invitations! Most recently I did one for Ashley, another dear old friend. She's fairly chic and not so into the cutesy baby stuff, so I kept it fairly modern.

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